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Morag Aoibhán MacDougal
29 October
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General Data:
Name: Morag Aoibhán MacDougal
Nicknames: Mo, "That crazy chick" (on the Quidditch field)
Gender: Female
Orientation: bisexual
Age: 17
Birthday: October 29, 1980
Wand: 12 1/2 inches, willow, unicorn tail
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Ravenclaw
Blood: pureblood
Education: wizarding primary school, finishing sixth year at Hogwarts

Physical Data:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes/Vision/Glasses: brown/mildly nearsighted/glasses only for reading
Hair: Long, straight, dark brown
Build: tall, thin, semi-gangly
Defining marks: scar on right arm from Quidditch accident (age 12), long thin scar on lower back (also from Quidditch), Celtic knot tattoo around upper left arm (gift from her brother)
Hearing: excellent
Left/Right/Ambi: Right
Disabilities/Handicaps: mildly nearsighted, some allergies.
Health: excellent, has allergies
IQ: above-average (she's a Ravenclaw!)

Dress Style: She favors clothes that are simple and well-made, leaning towards thick, warm sweaters and comfortable jeans over robes, which she only wears during school and when absolutely needed. Skirts only when she's feeling absolutely pretty, which is rare.
Phobias/Fears: Losing her brother, father, or grandmother, being alone, being unwanted, dying, death in general, dark places, spiders
Mental Health: slightly neurotic and prone to bouts of anxiety, but otherwise pretty normal.
Goals/Dreams: to become something worthwile, to pass all her classes, to master a craft of some kind, to be loved and respected, to have someone to protect and love
Quirks/Habits: Likes Muggle things like rugby and fun clothes, leaves dirty clothes all over the place, eats obscene ammounts of chocolate yet never gains weight, hums random songs whenever she's bored
Hobbies/Interests: playing Quidditch, reading, knitting, rugby, singing, potions, and politics
Likes: music, rugby, Quidditch, learning, striped socks, milk chocolate, pumpkin juice, bangers and mash, boys, girls, politics, complex potions, and novels
Dislikes: nasty people, dark chocolate, bertie botts beans, herbology, history of magic class, and death

Current Data:
Relationships: Dating Anthony Goldstein, a fellow Ravenclaw
Recent Events: Attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange on the Quidditch Field.

Background Data:
Family: Father: William MacDougal -- assistant head of the Department of Magical Catastrophes at the Ministry of Magic
Mother: Morgan MacDougal -- died when Morag was eight; former wizarding primary school teacher
Grandmother: Fiona MacDougal -- takes care of Morag during the summer
Brother: Malcolm MacDougal -- Hogwarts drop-out, currently a freelance curse-breaker somewhere in Asia.

Childhood Home: comfortable, cozy cottage on the sea in Northern Scotland

Personal History: Born to a down-to-earth pureblood family in Northern Scotland, Morag was raised in a comfortable, cozy cottage on the sea for most of her pre-Hogwarts life. Her father, William MacDougal, works as the assistant head of the Department of Magical Catastrophes at the Ministry of Magic. Her mother, Morgan, raised Morag and her older brother Malcolm and also taught at the primary wizarding school that they attended before Hogwarts. When Morag was eight, her mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, devastating the entire family. Determined to keep his children from being completely without motherly influence, William had his mother come up from her home in Hogsmeade to live with the family and take care of Morag and Malcolm. While Morag loved her Nanny, she was no replacement for her real mother. After his mother's death, Malcolm (who was in his sixth year at Hogwarts) began withdrawing from the family and his academics more and more, until he eventually dropped out of school when Morag was ten. After an explosive arguement (complete with a hex or two) with their father, Malcolm left the family to seek his own fortunes in the world, much to Morag's dismay.

When her letter from Hogwarts came, William and Nanny pushed her to go away to school, to give her a place to make new friends and get away from the lonely old house. Sorted into Ravenclaw (after scolding the Sorting Hat for debating whether or not to put her in Gryffindor), she quickly made her own place as a quiet, fun-loving girl who loved to learn and make friends. She spent much of her first year catching up in her subjects, finding her real talents in Potions and Charms, and getting to know her housemates better. Quidditch, however, was one thing that could draw her out of her normally quiet demeanor, and she's currently the captain of the Ravenclaw team.

She hears from her brother often, but has only seen him once, shortly before the begining of her sixth year at Hogwarts, when he came to warn her of rumors he'd heard on his travels. As far as she knows, he is working as a freelance curse-breaker somewhere in Asia. Only recently, she learned that Malcolm had left the family because their father was seeing another woman while their mother was still alive and that their mother knew and said nothing, prefering to keep their family together. Since learning that, she has lost almost all respect for her father, prefering to consider Malcolm and Nanny (who had no idea) her only real family.

i'm in ravenclaw!