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Just a girl with a quill in her hand...

18th November, 2004. 12:13 am.

Busy, busy, busy. NEWTs and Quidditch and my continued attempts to wheedle useful information out of my father about the outside world.

This awful barrier around the school is making me feel strangely claustrophobic.

It's been oddly quiet in the halls. What are you lot up to?

Current mood: curious.

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21st October, 2004. 1:05 am.

I think that was the best night's sleep I've ever had.

No nightmares. A first, since the attack. Maybe if I stay with him every night, they'll go away forever. And even if they don't, I'll be with him, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to be.

I think I'm going to force myself to face the pitch today. Suddenly, I feel a lot more courageous.

Thank you, love.

Current mood: calm.

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8th October, 2004. 12:23 am. A little bit of happiness amid the doom and gloom

Let it hence be known that one Anthony Goldstein is officially the sweetest, most wonderful man on Earth.

The rest is hexed for only the girls to see.Collapse )

There is nothing that could put me in a bad mood.

Current mood: flirty.

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21st September, 2004. 9:51 pm. Viewable only by girls

I'm not entirely sure what came over me the other night, but I asked Anthony Goldstein out. As in, on a date. We're going to have dinner together--just us. Alone.

I have never been so terrified and so thrilled. It's quite a new experiance for me. I don't know whether to jump around the room or hide under my covers.

But he's so nice, and sweet...and honestly, out of all the guys in our year, he's really the one that I feel the most comfortable speaking with. I know everyone thinks I'm so tough and unapproachable because I'm the Quidditch captain and I have a reputation as a bit of a loner, but I don't feel like I have to play that part when I'm with him.

God, I'm waxing poetic about him and we haven't even had the silly date yet. I feel like such a girl.

I wonder if he'd kiss me? I wonder if he's even ever been kissed?

Back to studying. If I'm going to blow off a night to have dinner with Anthony, I'd better make sure I'm all caught up. I'm sure I won't be able to think properly for at least a day afterwards.

Current mood: contemplative.

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13th September, 2004. 12:51 am.

Finally out of the hospital wing--I'm still not entirely better, but I was going absolutely insane being cooped up in there.

Madam Pomfrey says I can't play Quidditch for another two weeks, at least. I still want the Ravenclaw team to practice whether or not I'm on the pitch. Besides, I don't even know if I can go back down there and see the hoops...I've been having nightmares about what happened, and they're only getting worse. We'll see what happens, won't we?

I'm not going back to class until later this week, so if someone could bring me notes from lectures, it would be greatly appreciated.

PrivateCollapse )

Current mood: contemplative.

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8th September, 2004. 11:52 pm.


No one understands what's going on.

They think it's gonna be so easy to stop her.

Don't they get it?

Who's next?

I feel so cold inside.

Current mood: cold.

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25th August, 2004. 12:41 pm.

the page is full of barely readable scribbles, a few words, and a tiny doodle of a sad face in the lower left hand corner.


All over.

Pomfrey says (illegible scribble) away now.

Current mood: numb.

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16th August, 2004. 9:28 pm. Far too lazy to make private.

Seventh year has started, I'm Quidditch Captain, and I've got the best schedule yet. And I got an owl from my brother yesterday, so I can quit worrying about that.

So why do I feel like I'm still missing something?

Oh yeah, I remember now.

Current mood: exhausted.

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4th June, 2004. 12:57 pm. Students only

Change of plans...apparently, I am staying here for the summer. Nanny is going to visit her sister in America, and Da doesn't want me anywhere alone. So guess this means I don't have to pack up all my junk.

Still might head down to Nanny's cottage in the village, though, if we're allowed to leave the grounds. Anyone up for a rousing good party--no parental or teacher supervision? I bet I could get a keg of butterbear from the Three Broomsticks with no problems...

Well, whatever happens, I think I'll be alone in the girl's dorm, which is nice. Maybe I can convince Pansy to come stay with me for a while. Don't really care who else is staying here, since I don't get on much with the other students anyway, but stil...

At least the pitch should be relatively quiet. Maybe I can scrounge up enough suckers interested parties for a pick-up game sometime this summer.

Current mood: bored.

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1st June, 2004. 8:56 pm.

I can't believe it's the end of term already--have we really been here ten months already? It feels like an eternity, and at the same time, it feels like just yesterday I was getting off the train, looking forward to another dismally boring year.

Funny, how things change so quickly.

Still don't know what I'm doing for the summer--I'll be at home for a bit, I'm sure, and then I might end up staying at Nanny's cottage in Hogsmeade, or work at Flourish and Blotts with Da's sister in Diagon Alley. I've got nothing better to do all summer, as far as I know.

Private, only lightly hexedCollapse )

Think I'm going to wander around the halls for a bit. Don't really care if someone catches me out--what could they possibly do other than give me a detention, or dock house points? Big deal. I need the exercise.

Current mood: thoughtful.

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